An investigative report published recently in the UK’s Auto Express, the online arm of the UK’s biggest-selling motoring weekly, again confirmed that Australian cars are among the most affordable in the world.

The report, titled ‘Car running costs: how much does it cost to run a car around the world?’, examined a range of facets about car ownership in 11 countries around the world including the UK, Japan, UAE, Germany, Russia, South Africa, the US, Venezuela, India and Brazil.

For consistency purposes and ease of comparison, all the purchase costs were calculated, where possible, on one model vehicle: the Volkswagen Golf 1.4. Where the vehicle’s price would be skewed by market-specific factors, an equivalent-sized popular vehicle was used.

Of the 11 markets surveyed, India had the cheapest vehicle at 8,644 UK pounds (A$15,195). Australia finished in a close third place for international affordability, just behind Russia. In Russia the vehicle cost the equivalent of 14,743 UK pounds (A$25,916). In Australia, the vehicle cost 14,747 UK pounds (A$25,925).

Insurance not so affordable

Insurance costs in Australia for the same vehicle were among the highest of the 11 markets surveyed, while our standard grade unleaded fuel costs are comparable with India and South Africa at 71 UK pence (A$1.25) per litre.

Chief Executive of the FCAI Tony Weber said that the Auto Express report offered further confirmation that Australia’s new car market is one of the most competitive in the world and continues to offer great value for the consumer.

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