Alan Bergman Uncovers a Goldmine

In just 75 minutes Alan Bergman helped Dealers uncover incredible ways to boost their fixed operations and bottom line.

Practiced, confident and equipped with first-hand experience in managing dealerships to success, Alan Bergman’s timely and thought-provoking insights were well-received by Dealers.

Perfectly in line with this year’s Convention theme ‘Forward Thinking, a New Direction’ Bergman’s workshop ‘Challenge of Change’ provided powerful insight into the most effective fixed operations strategies for today’s (and ultimately tomorrow’s) dealership.

As is the norm, Bergman opened his presentation with an introduction of himself, some highlights from his career and what a career he’s had.

A multi-award winning auto industry executive and motor trader, Bergman is also a former Dealer, parts distributer and body shop owner. His career, which started in the 60s, is now dominated by his role as CEO of Star Automotive Consulting – a global business coaching and mentoring practice operating over five continents.

During Bergman’s presentation he helped Dealers and senior dealership staff identify lucrative ‘off the radar’ opportunities in their service, body shop, workshop and parts departments. Indeed, dealership profitability was a major focus of the presentation and Bergman was thorough in helping Dealers seek out every possible revenue opportunity that can be extracted from service, body shop and parts.

These three departments in particular are, according to Bergman, major profit generators – and the smarter they’re run and managed, the more rewarding they become. This is especially true in today’s automotive industry where question marks over consumer confidence means people may start holding onto their cars for longer.

In dealerships, even seemingly satisfied customers often go astray if not managed properly and it’s an issue that baffles many Dealers. As such, Bergman highlighted to delegates the underlying reasons why customers defect from dealerships without complaining.

Other highlights of Bergman’s presentation included his use of real dealership case studies, along with his comprehensive checklists, tips and notes directly addressing ways to get customers to return to your service department time and time again.

Indeed, many Dealers today rely on service and parts departments to maintain and grow their business. After Bergman’s session many Dealers mentioned feeling invigorated and inspired to go back to their dealerships and re-evaluate their fixed operations KPIs, with a focus on long-term growth and profitability.

Best of all, Bergman’s fixed operations advice and methodology had plenty of relevance to other areas of the dealership business, including new and used car sales, making his workshop just another invaluable resource for Dealers who attended the event.

What the Dealers said:

“Outstanding. I have no experience in Fixed Ops but I am becoming a GM. I will be using this! 10 out of 10.”
“I would have liked to spend a few hours with him but understand the time constraints”
“Great session”
“Fantastic – there needs to be more people like you educating Dealers.  Congratulations – Excel-lent”
“Thank you for the notes and homework”
“Very helpful”
“Very professional very knowledgeable”
“Great ‘value add’ sharing of years of his own experience and own resources”
“Very good – Brilliant!!! – Thank you”

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