AADA is thrilled to announce automotive industry veteran David “Macca” McCarthy will host the “AADA 2020 Moving Forward” virtual Convention & Expo event.

Now a Consultant and Industry Expert with Civic Financial Communications, David has a huge passion for the automotive industry, built over a lifetime of involvement.

His father was an engine re-conditioner, while David began selling cars at a multi franchise dealership in 1981. He then built a reputation as a respected automotive journalist in radio, print, TV and digital media, before spending twelve years heading up the Public Relations and Communications team at Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific, reporting directly to the CEO.

Chairing the FCAI Communications Committee for four years and serving as a Board member rounded out David’s twelve years of hands-on engagement with industry issues. Known for his advocacy and robust views in particular around the LCT and the use of genuine parts, David brings a well-grounded knowledge and passion to “AADA 2020 Moving Forward”.

David understands the challenges facing the retail automotive industry in the current uncertain economic environment, and is a big believer in the power of online.

“No one knows where we are or where we’re going at the moment. What is the new normal? The only way to prepare for the new normal is to be alert and do your research. The consumer role is changing and online shopping is becoming more prevalent,” he said.

“It’s going to change really quickly. This pandemic has got people used to buying online, doing price comparisons online, and click-and-collect. We want to help Dealers understand what the future holds. All the paradigms are changing. We understand what is of value to them and they can’t find it anywhere else.

“Dealers need to be smarter and reduce their costs. Not by cutting their staff, they’re their biggest asset. They need to review how their physical footprint translates to the digital world, increase their throughput and leverage their staff.”

The last time David bought a car he conducted all his research online, decided on the specs and colour he wanted, and emailed several Dealers telling them what he wanted and asking for their best price. He believes more and more consumers will do the same and connect differently in the future.

“I think the future is bright, but Dealers need to not be blinded by what they’re seeing. The need to use logic and do their research,” David said.

“I want to help Dealers see what the future holds, so they’re informed and can make decisions about their business. Information is power – the power to make decisions – and when you don’t have information, you make bad decisions.”

AADA looks forward to David bringing all his experience, knowledge and passion to “AADA 2020 Moving Forward”.

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