Social media. Online marketing. These are the new tools with which Dealers must become experts if they are to thrive in the modern business environment.

To help Dealers use search and social media to increase sales and grow profits, AADA is bringing together, for the first time ever, the two largest online companies in the world. This unique and extraordinary event will take place at the 2018 AADA National Dealer Convention.

In this first of its kind Feature Session, David Kain, a leading Digital Expert from the US, will moderate a unique and fast-paced session featuring Caroline Laird, Industry Head, Automotive, Google Australia, and Paul Balbo, Facebook Client Partner, Australian Automotive Industry, Facebook Australia. The workshop will provide you with proven strategies for leveraging the power of search and social media in your digital sales strategies.

Much more than a lively exchange between industry experts, this session will dive into the ‘Whys and Hows’ of utilising search engines and social media platforms to drive your digital sales growth with an eye on reducing operational costs.

Rather than offer independent sessions on search and social media, AADA is providing a rare opportunity, with market influencing companies sharing the stage and focusing on guiding your dealership on its digital success journey.

Mr Kain will present real-life case studies demonstrating how US Dealers have effectively used search and social strategies to grow their businesses.

He will engage Paul and Caroline to explain how this can work in your dealership in Australia. They will weigh in on the investment of time and staff to make it work, with very clear answers on the commitment and elements necessary to replicate success in your market.

Be prepared for a lively exchange where there may be opposing views, with solutions presented to balance and solve dilemmas you’ll face in your own dealership.

Attendees will be provided with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) along with guided success paths showcasing how these platforms can increase sales, profits and market growth. You’ll want to arrive early and stay afterwards to engage 1:1 with these automotive professionals who have a keen desire to improve your results.

This session will demystify the largely untapped opportunity that exists across social media for dealerships to improve reputation, generate leads and maximise aftermarket efforts.

Led by platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the mobile device has dramatically shifted consumer attention and, in the process, created an undeniably powerful marketing platform for local businesses. Attendees will learn of the opportunities on Facebook and Instagram to start building their dealerships’ competitive advantage.

We live in an increasingly digitalised world. With millennials visiting, on average, 10.1 websites and zero physical dealerships before making a purchase decision, having a strong online presence is absolutely vital for Dealers.

Mr Balbo will highlight that using Facebook is about far more than just collecting ‘likes’. He will show how to use Facebook to generate leads; how to use targeted advertising to cut advertising spend; how to use content – and what that content should be. He will share with delegates knowledge of how to create the kind of ‘social experience’ that will attract attention amongst the mass of information that is Facebook.

Similarly, Ms Laird will impart crucial information and strategies to help Dealers transition to the digital age. She will explain how to create an online presence that captures attention, showcasing best practice solutions from around the world, both within and outside the automotive industry.

This historic session makes the Convention a must-attend event for any Dealer serious about maximising their digital impact. In an increasingly digital world, that should be everyone.

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