Through its peerless data, analytics, and consumer intelligence, J.D. Power is one of the world’s leading consumer voices. Combining that insight with its knowledge of brands and strategies, the company is brilliantly positioned to deal with issues of concern to both Dealers and drivers, with benefits for all parties.

In one of the Wednesday feature sessions of the 2018 AADA National Dealer Convention, J.D. Power’s Vice President of South Asia, ASEAN and Oceania, Darren Slind, and Senior Country Manager of Australia, Loi Truong, will present a session titled ‘Automotive Disruption, Implications for Auto Dealers’, in which they will decipher the technological disruptions we have experienced so far and explore the implications it will have for the automotive industry down the track.

Their presentation will raise as many questions as answers, but in this phase of chaos and uncertainty in the industry’s evolution, it will force Dealers to ask the tough questions now to ensure we evolve to a prosperous future.

J.D. Power drives and defines brand strategies worldwide. They claim to ‘amplify the voice of the consumer’ and help brands improve the value of their products and services. Together, these principles empower everyone in the global commerce ecosystem, enabling better purchase decisions – and better business results.

J.D. Power has been capturing and analysing the Voice of the Customer globally, across more than a dozen industries, for nearly 50 years.

Measuring customer experience is not easy, but that’s where these guys are so good. Through their proprietary index model they identify the many drivers of customer experience, accurately measure and link their impact to business results, and uncover insights to drive results for their clients.

Data, analytics and resources

Across 17 offices globally, the J.D. Power team of more than 750 professional analysts, statisticians, economists, consultants and experts in demographics and consumer behaviour focus on delivering insights clients can act on immediately. They serve an increasing number of countries and regions around the world, including Brazil, India, Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Germany and the UK.

J.D. Power research is comprised of their Analytical Centre of Excellence (ACE) team, a blend of scientists and industry analysts. Their scientists, PhD level statisticians and methodologists ensure their research meets the highest scientific quality standards and provides advanced statistical support.

Their industry analysts are subject matter experts within key strategic verticals, who provide thought leadership and data interpretation for syndicated and key proprietary studies within their vertical. This combination of expertise allows J.D. Power to uphold their core values of independence and integrity while delivering impact for their clients.
Research Standards and Governance: ACE establishes and maintains the research rules that regulate how J.D. Power designs studies, collects data and determines the framework for the J.D. Power Awards.

Study Design and Best Research Practices: ACE is responsible for the scientific integrity of studies and questionnaire designs, as well as ensuring the firm is using the best research practices.

Advanced Analytics: ACE statisticians perform all advanced analytics required to create the J.D. Power Customer Experience Index Model (which is used to determine customer satisfaction benchmarks) as well as other advanced modelling to help clients derive the most insight from their data.
Data Insight and Interpretation: ACE industry analysts provide thought leadership to interpret and apply the insights derived from their data to their clients and in doing so identify areas of opportunity and prioritisation of improvement efforts.

Beyond measure

J.D. Power understands that the customer experience is vital and that simply measuring it is not enough. Their analysts focus on driving results that will improve customer loyalty and advocacy and their success is driven by how much they help improve their clients’ customer experience.

But data is only as powerful as the analysis and insights tied to it. J.D Power is putting that power in Dealers’ hands through their interactive VoX reporting platform.

The data, analytics, insights, best practices and action plans are available whenever and wherever Dealers need them, helping them make data-driven decisions that will improve their customer experience and drive positive financial results.

This session is the heart of what the 2018 AADA National Dealer Convention & Expo is all about. It is the one session you cannot afford to miss, tying together the lessons and strategies you will receive in other workshops and addresses. Don’t miss out!

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