Leading American automotive sales trainer, David Kain, will headline an impressive list of speakers at the 2018 AADA National Dealer Convention.

A blueblood of the American retail automotive industry, Mr Kain was an early adopter and driver of the use of technology to grow sales. He co-founded FordDirect.com, the dealer/factory-owned joint venture that is the website and lead provider to Ford and Lincoln Dealers. He served there as Chief Operating Officer from start-up until Kain Automotive was born.

Established in 2003, Kain Automotive was founded as a way to assist automotive Dealers and automotive Manufacturers develop effective and progressive internet sales operations.

Mr Kain will present a series of case studies outlining a path to achieving exceptional results. His work in internet sales speaks for itself. He teaches how to leverage the pre-contact checklist to ensure you provide an exceptional response to customers requesting information online.

Due to his passion and wealth of knowledge Mr Kain is an active speaker at many industry events, including the NADA Convention, Innovative Dealer Summit, Driving Sales Executive Summit and Digital Dealer. Notable speaking engagements include the Mercedes Benz Sales Conference in Shanghai, China, and Fenabrave in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His favourite speaking role so far was being the featured International Speaker at the AADA Convention, so we’re delighted he has decided to return.

Mr Kain shares his unique perspectives by writing articles for industry publications such as Ward’s Dealer Business and Dealer Success, and hosts the popular show Kain & Co. on the CBT Automotive Network.

His training modules and workshops have been praised as inspiring, informative and instructional by industry veterans, providing mentoring and equipping participants with the tools to succeed.

What they say about David Kain

“In my 30 years of selling and managing, I found David’s training to be some of the best mentoring and thought spurring engagement I have ever been involved in. He opened my eyes to ideas that are hidden in plain sight.”

“He is clearly an industry expert that will show you the tools to succeed. It’s up to you to use them. If you want to move the needle, attend his training.”

“Some of the best training you can get in the automotive world!”

“Kain Automotive has been instrumental to my success as an Internet manager in the automotive industry. Their strategies are well thought out and simply work! If you are looking for digital automotive training, let the fine folks know at Kain Automotive and they’ll help you reach the next level!”

A life in cars

As the son of former NADA Chairman, Jack Kain, Mr Kain grew up in the family car sales business, which opened its doors in 1960. He has been both General Manager and Dealer Partner of Jack Kain Ford, where he remains a Partner today.

David Kain is retail automotive royalty. He has lived and breathed the industry his entire life, and is a major player in the biggest market in the world. He has mastered the art of using the internet to grow business and increase sales. Don’t miss this vital presentation.

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