AADA Makes Pre-Budget Submission

Federal Treasurer, the Hon Joe Hockey MP recently invited submissions from the community on behalf of the Government, regarding the 2015-16 Budget.

Despite the controversy surrounding the release of last year’s Budget, the Government has reaffirmed its priority to slash debt and restore strength to the Australian economy.

In a recent media release Hockey maintains that the 2015-16 Budget ‘will continue the Government’s commitment to repair the budget, to ensure the Commonwealth lives within its means, pays down its debt and maintains a credible path to surplus.’
As part of the Government’s drive to receive community input and feedback on budget priorities, it invited interested parties to lodge submissions by early February.

In Hockey’s own words, the Government is ‘committed to productivity-enhancing investment and reform to build a stronger and more prosperous economy.’

As such, AADA’s submission addressed issues affecting the employment and sustainability of franchised motor vehicle dealerships, if the Government removes restrictions to allow the large scale importation of used and grey imports.

AADA also emphasised the need for the Government to recognise and continue funding the training of technicians to service our increasingly complex motor vehicle fleet.

In regards to the Luxury Car Tax (LCT), AADA continued to advocate for its abolition. The LCT, which raises $400 million in revenue, is ultimately an additional tax on Australian consumers.

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