For the AADA National Dealer Convention & Expo 2018, we have put together a four-track program focusing on the theme of the Convention: Disruption.

In this article we take a closer look at Tracks 1 and 4, which are centred on Operational Disruption and Marketing Prosperity respectively.

Track 1: Operational Disruption

Disruptive innovation is a term that, in the field of business administration, refers to an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances.

The dynamic nature of the auto market is driven by the pace of evolving customer needs and changing regulatory environment. This creates new challenges but also opens up opportunities for innovation and growth.

This Track will provide updates on areas with high disruption potential, including those affected by government policy and regulatory decisions. These are the potential challenges and pitfalls of which decision-makers must be aware.

The retail automotive industry has been the subject of intense scrutiny by the ACCC and ASIC, which has mandated changes in the way dealership F&I departments operate.

Three separate sessions, conducted by highly qualified and experienced workshop leaders, will guide delegates through this Track. Subjects include the changing regulatory environment surrounding finance and insurance; the increasing influence of manufacturers; coping with market pressure and the growing threat of fraud in the online environment.

Engaging with government and making sure your dealership is compliant with the new regulations is crucial. This Track will ensure you know exactly what you need to do.

Drive Sustainable F&I Growth in a Regulated Dynamic Market

Russell Bryant
National Manager Strategy & Transformation, Macquarie Leasing

This workshop will clearly define the regulatory changes brought about by ASIC and their impact on the Auto Market.

Russell will walk participants through the changes in detail, share valuable insight into the auto market and what the research is telling us about evolving customer needs and evolving sales processes.

Russell will share with participants his knowledge of changing customer needs and evolving sales processes. He will share levers Dealers can pull to protect your dealership, such as starting to have finance conversations earlier, on the customer’s terms, with products they need, for you to remain competitive in this customer-centric environment.

Russell will explain, using examples, implications for the average dealership and point out simple changes that can mitigate negative impacts.

Based on research shared, Russell will apply a customer-focused lens to dealership processes and discuss optimal times for F&I discussion to maximise conversion.

He will identify ways Business Managers can drive more efficient and customer-centric processes to support greater F&I penetration, including flexing their style in order to build trust with customers as their needs continually evolve.

Delegates will hear about three challenges they are likely to face over the next 12-18 months, and three changes others have or will implement to overcome these challenges.

Russell will present examples from different rural and metro Dealers Macquarie has engaged with to better understand the three biggest challenges they face and the plans they have put in place to overcome them. By the end of the workshop participants should walk away with further insight into the regulatory changes and action items they can confidently implement to ensure they are future-proofing their dealerships.

We now have a reason to drive change and, irrespective of what is driving it, customer requirements and expectations are evolving with or without us. Be the one to set the pace.

Your People, Your Profit

Randall Bryson & Matthew Cutt
Partners, BDO

Attendees will learn insights gained from the 2018 BDO Automotive Dealership Executive Salary Survey and attendance at the 2018 NADA Convention, and understand the key drivers to motivate and incentivise their people to achieve outstanding results.

Randall has worked with a multi-franchise dealership and a national automotive service and repair chain, as well as having 15 years in chartered accounting.

Matthew has significant experience, both locally and internationally, helping large Dealer groups successfully execute their strategy and achieve their growth ambitions.

Fraud In and Outside of Your Dealership

Grant Cameron
Lead Partner,
Deloitte Motor Industry Services

In an ever more online world, businesses must protect themselves and their customers from fraud. Data security is set to be one of the biggest issues facing businesses of all types over the coming years.

For the owners and financial controllers, fraud in dealerships has always been within the boundaries of your various departments. Now, in an online world, one needs to consider what is happening outside in the cyber world and how such cyber technologies can reach into your business and create such risks. Grant has been operating with Dealers for over 23 years and will offer a refresh of the traditional fraud areas and cover new cyber fraud risks.

Track 4: Marketing Prosperity

This Track is designed to help Dealers understand the new world of digital marketing in an age of increasingly savvy consumers, and develop strategies for using the powerful tools available to drive profits.

AADA has engaged the services of four experts from some of the most successful digital companies in Australia and the world: Facebook, Google, carsales and Gumtree.
Facebook’s Automotive team will provide a detailed overview of how top dealerships are utilising Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to generate success across every profit centre of the dealership. With access to best practice from across the globe, this session will arm Dealers with the most advanced strategies responsible for driving the bottom line and retaining customers.

How do you sell to a customer who knows more about your product than you do? Consumers do more homework than ever before and it has tipped retail on its head. With the benefit of carsales’ extensive knowledge of consumer behaviour, Kane Hocking will examine the big trends that have led to this shift, exploring what the data shows about consumer expectations and the part you play in digital retail.

The Autonomous Customer

Alex Heat
Industry Manager Automotive, Google

This session blends current market intelligence and data with practical actions, allowing participants to view disruption as an opportunity to re-imagine key business processes. Participants can assess themselves against best practice, consider process enhancements and identify simple strategies to turn disruption into profit. Topics include ’F&I – real and perceived disruptors’ and

‘Customer engagement – what they want vs what we deliver’.

The Modern Consumer: Informed and Impatient

Kane Hocking
General Manager Commercial, carsales

Ensuring that ideas are supported by evidential data is critical to sound decision-making.

Kane has spent over a decade in the automotive industry, making sense of the growing mountains of data, and at carsales he has brought data-informed decision-making to the Dealer business.

Winning Your PMA on Mobile. Learn How to Drive Dealership Success Using Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

Joe Perkins & Gemma Faye Hernandez

Gemma is the Client Solutions Lead for Automotive at Facebook. She leads the Australian market on brand, direct response, data and technology solutions for the Auto industry and has influenced product innovation across the country’s top auto brands, agencies and dealerships.

Joe is the Facebook Client Partner for the Australian & New Zealand automotive industry. He works alongside the country’s top auto brands, agencies and dealerships to achieve measurable business outcomes across the Facebook family of apps and services.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Luke Miller
CFO, Gumtree

A panel session combining leading eBay Classified Group businesses. Each speaker is an automotive specialist with a strong understanding of digital and technology.

Remaining local and relevant in your community is essential in building repeat purchase and spreading positive word-of-mouth for your dealership.

Learn how leaders from eBay Classifieds Group have leveraged their global brand and adapted their approach to ensure local relevancy.

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