A unique mapping tool that allows franchised new car Dealers to display the vital economic contributions made by their businesses to individual federal electorates and associated communities will be launched at the AADA National Convention at Darling Harbour later this month.

Called Electorate Fast Facts (EFF)©, the interactive tool can be used to retrieve a range of data on employment, total economic contribution, taxes, duties, wages and salaries and other payments made by new car Dealers in each of the 150 federal electorates. The data mapping means Dealers can present the information to Members of Parliament in a readily digestible form to illustrate the important economic role new car franchisees fulfil in their electorates and communities.

This unique tool was developed by BDO’s Automotive Team in conjunction with the AADA Secretariat and IT supplier, IndieTech.

AADA CEO, David Blackhall, said the objective is to increase awareness by Members of Parliament of the economic contributions new car franchisees make to their communities by presenting politicians with facts that have never been mapped in this level of detail before.

“There is a notion abroad in some corridors in Canberra that the importance of the Australian automotive business disappeared to a dot point when the three local assemblers decided to call stumps. The EFF tool puts the lie to that. It drills down from the 60,000 national automotive retail jobs to, for example, the 388 jobs our Dealers create in the Prime Minister’s electorate of Wentworth (see below). This tool will substantially contribute to the AADA’s ability to help Dealers advocate on their own behalf at the grass roots level. It will also continue to build AADA’s reputation as the leading automotive advocacy and policy body in Australia,” Mr Blackhall said.

Franchised new car Dealers who are members of AADA will be provided with access to the EFF free of charge.

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