The COVID-19 pandemic has made large gatherings such as the annual AADA National Dealer Convention & Expo impossible to hold at this time, but that doesn’t mean AADA is not still going to provide an event for Dealers to learn from industry leaders and experts, and explore the latest strategies, products and services to drive their dealerships into the future.

It might feel like things are at a standstill at the moment, but in business as in life, we must keep moving forward, and that is the theme of the new virtual AADA Convention & Expo event to be held on Tuesday 10 & Wednesday 11 November 2020.

“AADA 2020 Moving Forward” is a totally online event – free for dealership personnel and with a modest fee for allied and other industry delegates – that will provide Dealers with all the benefits of our traditional annual Convention & Expo.

This unique and important event will deliver two days of elective activity for franchised dealership management in all key areas of operations, featuring live sessions and engaging content delivered by key industry speakers. Featured sessions will include discussion on COVID-19 business dynamics, franchise relations, the online environment, the pre-owned market, and an examination of the factors that connect with consumers in today’s digital world.

The year 2020 has seen the Australian automotive industry endure unexpected challenge. The known landscape is changing, and franchised new car Dealers face complex developments in regulatory and structural change to their operations. These include their franchise arrangements, the personnel they invest in and their sales funnel.

Ever since the internet became a part of our lives 25 years ago, people have used it to learn, research, and increasingly, to buy. That has only accelerated with the enforced closure of ‘non-essential’ businesses during these difficult times. The businesses that not only accept the current conditions, but embrace them and educate themselves on how to use them to their advantage will be the ones that emerge with the advantage. They will be the ones ‘moving forward’.

The annual AADA National Dealer Convention & Expo is always a highlight of the retail automotive calendar, delivering countless learning and networking opportunities, motivation, inspiration and ideas. “AADA 2020 Moving Forward” will do all that, in a two-day elective program in which franchised automotive leaders can engage in the pressing matters of this dynamic $56 billion industry.

Designed to meet the challenges of today’s business and market circumstances, the “AADA 2020 Moving Forward” schedule of sessions covers all corners of the franchised Dealer business and the advocacy issues facing our industry. The schedule of events ensures that dealership leaders are able to select the sessions that cover their area of responsibility and interest, covering all bases and aspects of dealership operations.

The live program will be conducted over two mornings and will include the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Automotive Dealer Association.
Now, and moving forward, consumers are utilising the convenience, time-saving, and wide range of options provided in the online environment.

“AADA 2020 Moving Forward” provides Dealers and their staff with a golden opportunity, at no cost, with no travel, and minimal time invested, to take advantage of those conditions to benefit themselves, their staff and their dealerships, and come to grips with the new business paradigm.

There is no going back. There is only Moving Forward.

*Event registration is complimentary for Dealership attendees only

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