Do you build towards a succession plan for the next generation or do you sell now? That is the question more and more Dealers will be asking themselves as we head towards 2020 and beyond.

In this interactive presentation, Mark Westcott will challenge you to consider your three-year business vision, examining the Dangers, Opportunities and current Strengths applicable to both outcomes.

Mark will discuss how to maximise your current position, as well as looking at who can help you with your transition plans – delegation strategies within your organisation to maximise your time on the important things.

Finally, he will look at all your internal and external capabilities and how to maximise these for best outcomes.

Mark has over 35 years’ industry experience specialising in estate planning, business succession strategies and concepts for enhanced personal productivity.

He has presented at numerous Dealer ‘comparison meetings’ organised by the factories, Martec, Horwath and Deloitte groups, and has attended numerous NADA conferences to ensure his relevance within the motor industry.

Mark created a unique estate and succession planning process – ‘The Peace of Mind Plan’, which he has facilitated for more than 24 years. More recently, he has developed ‘The 90-Minute Exit Strategy’ to quickly help motor Dealers plan for the next important stage of their careers.

This session is a must if you are still on the fence or don’t know how to determine your succession plan or the future of your business.

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