The service department is more important than ever for Dealers’ profitability and viability.

As the front end volumes stay flat and margins continue to decline, it’s time we turned our attention to the back end to maximise its potential.

Each day we let millions of dollars pass us by and walk out the door. There are some simple ways to find efficiencies everywhere.

John Startari, Partner Deloitte Motor Industry Services, is a senior executive with 31 years’ automotive experience across all facets of the motor industry, including retail, wholesale and professional services.

John has worked with Deloitte since 2015, specialising in consulting and advisory services to both automotive distributors and retail Dealer groups throughout Australia.

He offers strategic, advisory and consulting services to automotive brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to joining Deloitte, John worked for several automotive brands as Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand over a period of 13 years.

He is experienced in dealing with diverse cultures across Asia, Europe and Oceania, and has developed an innovative approach to business, focusing on process efficiencies, human capital and financial management.

John places great emphasis on being customer-focused. He has operational experience in automotive sales, after-sales and marketing, as well as information technology systems.

Through all this experience John has developed a passion for efficiency and frustration at the missed opportunities he has seen slip through Dealers’ fingers. He is determined to ensure Dealers don’t repeat the mistakes he has seen, and will share with you his recipe for capturing those lost millions.

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