Today’s savvy car buyer expects more from businesses, and Dealers delivering on these high expectations are reaping the benefits.

How can Dealers delight prospects and customers across digital touchpoints before they step foot in a dealership? How can Dealers deliver more personalised value to customers in the digital environment?

In this session, Facebook’s Automotive team will explore smarter, simplified marketing techniques to improve dealership relevance with today’s connected consumer. The team will deep dive on new technology and platform solutions, specialised partners and success stories from across Australia that are proven to deliver on the dealership bottom line.

Ted Bergeron, Head of Automotive, Australia & New Zealand, Facebook and Instagram, leads Facebook’s team focused on the automotive industry, working with marketers, agencies and dealerships to achieve measurable business outcomes across the Facebook platforms.

Well versed in the changing landscape of the automotive industry, Ted partners closely with clients to maximise marketing effectiveness through mobile first content, media and measurement strategies.

Ted will be joined by Paul Balbo and Joe Perkins, Facebook Client Partners for the Australian and New Zealand automotive industries. Paul and Joe work alongside both country’s top auto brands, agencies and dealerships to achieve measurable business outcomes across the Facebook family of apps and services.

His previous management role, running GM Holden’s Media and Brand Partnerships for Australia, has provided Paul with a frontline understanding of the constant challenges the industry is facing.

Paul combines his auto background in retail and brand with continuous Facebook learnings to help marketers tap into the world of mobile customers.

These three experts are sure to provide a wealth of knowledge to help your dealership become more consumer-centric.

Register now at www.aadaconvention.com.au

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