The parts and service departments of any dealership are crucial revenue generation streams. Maximising fixed operations income should be a priority for any Dealer.

Dealers are all selling the same or similar products, where you can stand out from your competitors and improve your bottom line is in how you turn your new car sale into a customer for life. If you can convert that new car buyer into someone who continues to bring their car back to you for servicing, who buys tyres, parts, and accessories from you, you will notice the difference in revenue, and thus, profit.

The good news is that building efficient systems that ensure a regular flow of work and attract new customers and sales is a skill anyone can learn. And we have just the man to teach it to you.
Scott Stein has worked with thousands of leaders from across the world helping them become better leaders by fast tracking their thinking and their approach with their people. He has a master’s degree in Communication, wrote his thesis on Teams and is also an international recognised Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

Although he has worked in numerous industries, he has focused on the automotive industry for the past 20 years and been involved in international automotive manufacturer roll-outs and Dealer group activities as well as working directly with DPs and their management teams.

To date he has been in over 500 dealerships across Australia, Asia Pacific and the United States and uses these insights to share practical strategies that leaders can take to get more done in a smarter way. He is the author of five books including his recent book being published by Wiley: Leadership Hacks: Clever Strategies to Boost Your Impact & Results.

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