Retention is vital to the profitability of dealerships.

This workshop will cover the critical areas of talent management, how retention will make or break your profits, and share best practice in building a successful future for your dealership.

Drawing on details of the changing nature of our workforce and studies conducted by KPMG, presenters Laura Pestell (L&OD) and Sarah Dobson (Associate Director, People and Change) will outline operational triggers, and people development strategies at every stage of the talent lifecycle, to increase talent retention, which is a key component to being a high performing dealership.

Attendees will learn the linkages between the cost of turnover in their business and how it impacts their profitability. Attendees will recognise the areas of the dealership that should be scrutinised in order to adapt to the changing nature of the Australian workforce, including the integration and influence of technologies and policies that dramatically change our human capital structures.

Attendees will leave the session with the tools needed to properly assess their business, plan for the immediate future, and develop long-term strategies to build for their dealership a culture of innovation and loyalty.

Laura and Sarah will draw on best practice knowledge, examples and case studies to show the depth and impact of issues on employees, covering current and growing trends and outlining the changing nature of work for Australian businesses.

They will address leadership challenges, highlight common issues and pitfalls experienced by the automotive industry, explain why we so often see high turnover, and uncover steps forward in breaking the retention issue cycle and building the right culture.

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