AADA is excited to announce the addition of an extra session to the AADA 2019 National Dealer Convention & Expo program.

On top of the world-class sales training provided in the Sales Team Event conducted by leading UK Sales Trainer, Simon Bowkett, the Convention will now also feature a Marketing Team event that will run concurrently , presented by CarAdvice and Drive.com.

Today’s car consumer averages 16 hours 42 minutes of research before they contact a dealership. They often know more about the car they intend to purchase than the average salesperson.

The Team Events program is an outstanding value for money opportunity for Dealers – especially those based locally – to give their teams the benefit of the expertise of these world leaders in sales and marketing. Combined with the free Expo Open Day, it makes for a compelling day and evening that is sure to enrich your staff’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the challenges ahead of them.

Marketing Team event: ‘Content Sells Cars’

Conducted by CarAdvice and Drive.com, and based on a $150,000 study, ‘Content Sells Cars’ will highlight the important role marketing content such as reviews and product information plays in attracting customers to your dealership.

The days of ‘classifieds as king’ are well behind us. Car buyers base their decisions less on price and more on the quality of information Dealers provide to them.

A significant number of car-buying decisions are made before a customer ever steps foot inside the dealership. Learn how Australia’s most trusted new car network uses automotive content to engage car buyers and influence how they explore, rationalise and validate their next new car purchase.

Research shows that most new car buyers have decided on the car they want before they ever set foot in a dealership. Most of them visit less than two dealerships on average. So, what you are putting online plays a crucial role in determining whether or not a consumer decides to visit your dealership.

Presenter Andrew Dalton is a passionate digital marketing veteran of 18 years and Director of Acquisition & Attribution at CarAdvice.com. He has dedicated the last six years to connecting engaging automotive content with Australian new car buyers.

More Australian new car buyers turn to CarAdvice when researching a vehicle purchase than anywhere else. Its website mix of news, opinions, reviews, comparisons, advice, feature stories, videos and photographs is a shining example of creating compelling content that engages, informs, and keeps visitors coming back.

This is as an exclusive opportunity for Dealer Principals, Marketing Managers, Advertising Agencies and Content Providers to learn from one of Australia’s leaders in the development and implementation of online content, not just for cars but for e-commerce in general.

Sales Team Event: Influencing customers today, in 2020 + beyond

Simon Bowkett, Director, Symco Training, is the leading automotive sales trainer in the UK.

Simon will be comparing the changes for Dealers in the retail landscape after nearly 30 years of the internet and how to deal with the more informed customer.

There are two doors in the modern dealership: the front door and the virtual door that more and more customers are using. Simon will demonstrate how to obtain full insight into the selling a customer has done to themselves prior to making an enquiry; how to uncover and work with the customer’s reasons for buying, enabling you to strengthen your whole sales process, and, lastly, he will look at how we get more internet and social media leads to engage by surrendering their internet shield, increasing your face-to-face enquiries.

The key areas covered will be:

A short stroll through history:

  • The world is changing
  • Once we were teachers and now we are the pupils!
  • Selling in the internet world nearly 30 years on
  • The journey of Active and Passive customers
  • Are demonstration drives still important?

People make the difference:

  • How to uncover the selling a customer has done to themselves
  • The real GAP in selling!
  • Current position vs desired position
  • Selling using the customer’s reasons to buy
  • If your product presentation is not relevant then nobody is listening!

How can I make it work?

  • Typical responses to internet and social media enquiries
  • What does a WOW call sound like?
  • Prising your customers from behind the internet shield!
  • How do you increase the engagement with these enquiries?
  • The four reasons a customer will come to you: Stock – Price – Location – You!
  • We research across the globe but where do we buy from!
  • Emails to phone calls
  • Phone calls to appointments
  • Appointments to sales

Simon will ensure you leave with access to a copy of his word tracks and email responses proven to increase appointments and showroom enquiries.

These events present a rare opportunity for your sales and marketing teams to receive world-class training. Full Convention delegates have access to both sessions, while for those who are unable to commit to the full program these sessions present outstanding value. At a cost of only $99 per person or $790 for a team of 10, your staff will benefit immensely from these events conducted by leaders in modern retail automotive sales and marketing.

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