With dealership F&I departments coming under a lot of scrutiny over the past couple of years and more change mooted, maximising return in this area is harder than ever.

In this workshop, Ian McLean, General Manager of Performance Consulting, Op2ma, will be joined by Ann Cawkwell, National Manager Dealer Solutions Op2ma, to pass on the benefits of their experience to help your F&I department shine in 2020 and beyond.

Op2ma has the largest industry data pool on finance and insurance transactions in Australia and by leveraging the big data value, they can show dealers a roadmap to success. This workshop will focus on the three key areas of F&I that dealers should be considering as preparation for the “2020 dealership”. Participants will be encouraged to assess themselves against best practice, consider process enhancements and identify simple strategies to prepare themselves for 2020.

Ian’s automotive career spans more than 30 years covering OEMs, Automotive Financer and Dealership Retail, both internationally and in Australia. His OEM career covered Ford Australia and Renault Australia in a variety of escalating Sales and Marketing roles. His retail dealership experience has covered brands including Toyota, Massey-Ferguson, Yamaha, Volvo, Ford, Mitsubishi, Holden and Jaguar Land Rover.

In his role as General Manager of Op2ma Performance Consulting, current clients include Volkswagen, Harley-Davidson, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volvo, Hyundai, Holden NZ, Jaguar Land-Rover Asia Pacific.

Ann has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, having worked in sales, aftermarket and finally finding her forte in Finance and Insurance where she has received numerous awards from Financiers and Insurance providers.

With more than 13 years’ experience in selling F&I, she moved into training and coaching with Toyota Financial Services before joining Op2ma as a trainer and performance management coach.

Ann is now responsible for Op2ma’s Dealer Solutions business which includes F&I.

The session will focus on:
1. F&I – Pre Purchase;
2. Purchase;
3. Post Purchase.

This session blends current market intelligence and data with practical actions allowing participants to understand the changes they need to make to be ready for the future.

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