Dealerships are often family businesses with multiple generations involved, and even those that aren’t will usually involve a mix of generations, from Boomers to Gen X to Millennials to whatever comes next.

In this workshop Lisa Fogarty, Founder & Director, Performance Circle, and Kelly McAullife, Innovation and Engagement Strategist, Performance Circle, will look at the generational differences and their needs and expectations.

The challenge for any workforce is to work out effective ways to connect the different age gaps and accommodate the needs of all whilst still delivering a valuable service to their customers.

This workshop will provide simple workplace strategies for connection whereby the youthful curiosity and wisdom of older generations can be connected to add value to your workplace through innovative thinking and problem-solving together.

Lisa is an expert in customer engagement, life cycle management, selling, strategy, innovation, presentation skills and relationship building, and has experience in a variety of industries including automotive, retail, banking, finance and insurance.

Kelly specialises in Organisational Change. An international award-winning Innovation and Engagement Strategist, she has 22 years’ policing experience, during which time she performed a range of roles including general duties police officer, detective investigator, training facilitator and project officer.

Kelly’s passion to connect the unconnected has been instrumental in connecting thousands of members. These connections have provided a voice to many, fostering collaboration and creative thinking and demonstrating the true value to be gained when you connect and engage multiple generations.

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