In a world where companies like Netflix, Amazon and even Walmart.com are providing consumers with hyper-personalised experiences, Dealers are behind the curve.

Often, Dealer websites provide to consumers the same static experience, whether they are an 18yo first-time driver or a 65yo retiree. In this presentation, Devin Daly, digital marketing and merchandising expert, will show Dealers how they can use their own first-party website data to create personalised digital experiences that will convert more buyers.

The CEO and co-founder of SpinCar will share his views on why Dealers should focus on unique visitors rather than conquests. SpinCar is the world’s leading provider of digital automotive merchandising tools, with more than 140 million virtual walk-arounds experienced by car buyers across 14 countries since 2014.

Having observed the investment in e-commerce by retailers, Devin became interested in companies that specialised in website conversion tools. He predicted that software products capable of increasing website conversion rates would deliver strong ROI, resulting in rapid adoption and high customer satisfaction.

At that time, there was plenty of evidence demonstrating that rich, interactive content, particularly 360-degree product visualisations, drove higher website conversions, but no-one had built a ‘plug and play’ solution that made it easy to create this content. Thus SpinCar was born.

In an interview with Automotive Dealer Magazine, Devin explained that there were a lot of technical challenges involved with building an easy-to-use merchandising platform that could be leveraged by thousands of customers all over the globe. Having solved those, he now finds the biggest challenge is convincing Dealers to adapt to the new online paradigm.

“I think some Dealers prefer not to face the harsh realities of the changing landscape. In this day and age, the online showroom will make or break their business,” he said.

“It’s absolutely critical for them to focus as much or more effort on digital merchandising as on their physical showroom. And the most critical component of their online showroom is vehicle visualisation, which comprises 82 percent of website interactions. With a wide variety of competing inventory just a click away, Dealers need to realise how paramount digital merchandising is to their long-term success.

“I see a future where virtual vehicle tours are a standard part of the online shopping experience. Dealers who don’t offer 360-degree walk-arounds will be skipped over by consumers accustomed to the rich transparent experiences offered by the vast majority of auto retailers.”

It is a brave new world. Your online presence is now arguably more important than your physical location. Don’t miss this vital presentation from a leader in eCommerce.

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