The AADA National Dealer Convention & Expo returns to Melbourne in 2019 with the theme ‘2020 + Beyond’.

To be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 9 to 11, the 2019 Convention & Expo has been designed to help car retailers adapt and prepare for the future by addressing changes in the dynamics of the market.

Award-winning international journalist and chat show host, Anjali Rao, returns after she was extremely well-received at the 2018 Convention. The former Sky News and CNN reporter and anchor charmed all and sundry with her eloquence, affability and professionalism.

Our industry is undergoing rapid change. As Dealers we need to be in front of that change, or at least keeping pace with it. There are many questions facing the retail automotive industry and the Convention will address them via a comprehensive and meticulously-planned program.

Questions such as: In the wake of the ASIC inquiry into finance and insurance, what will the new F&I department look like? How do we continue to strengthen our relationships with the OEMs, with whom our futures are inextricably linked? What will be the result of the proposed franchise code? What do we do about diversity? Succession planning? Used cars? ROI?
AADA has put together a program of panel sessions, workshops and guest speakers designed to address these questions and more.

Headlining the event is NADA’s Chief Legal Counsel, Andy Koblenz. The Executive Vice President Legal and Regulatory Affairs addressed the 2019 NADA Convention on the subject of Disruption in the Auto Industry, and his thoughts on this challenge to our existing paradigm of operations are sure to be enlightening. His session should be on the list of any Dealer aiming to encounter the future with open eyes and mind.

The UK’s number one automotive sales trainer, Simon Bowkett, returns to feature at the AADA Convention Team Sales Event, while a new initiative is a free Expo Open Day for middle managers, to more fully share the knowledge, technology and associated products developed to drive success in the modern automotive dealership.

Four sessions comprising expert panels will discuss and debate issues close to the heart of car retailers, including gender diversity and succession planning.

No matter how far technology advances business is still about people, and how we employ that most vital of resources is critical to our success. Training, reputation management, service departments, used cars, data – all involve people and how we deal with them – and advocacy: the importance of our industry having a clear vision and a cohesive approach. None of these crucial human resources are going to become any less significant. In fact, in a world of technology the human touch is more valuable than ever. People skills: they’re the future, in 2020 + Beyond.

We look forward to seeing as many Dealers as possible at the AADA 2019 National Dealer Convention & Expo.

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