Auto maker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has appointed its Indian arm head, Kevin Flynn, as chief of the company’s operations in Australia. Mr Flynn assumed his new position from August 1.

The company stated that in addition to the new position, Mr Flynn will continue his responsibility as President and Managing Director of FCA India until a successor is announced at a later date.

Mr Flynn took charge as head of FCA India in February 2015. He has 34 years’ experience in the automobile industry and joined FCA India from Jaguar Land Rover, where he was Managing Director for the South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa markets. Mr Flynn joined Jaguar Land Rover in 2011.

He was given the responsibility of establishing a well-defined retail model for the brand and tapping segments for new product development. The Jeep Compass, which is the bread and butter model for FCA in India, was one of Mr Flynn’s key projects and its local production and local part sourcing, along with ensuring quality standards, were part of his role.

Mr Flynn’s role also included the overall development of the Jeep brand in India, including product portfolio, brand communication, network funding and dealership set-up, aftersales infrastructure development, technical support and parts distribution. Jeep also exports the Compass from India.

Mr Flynn established Jeep’s export strategy for all right-hand drive (RHD) markets, including parts distribution. He also took the initiative to convert all Fiat Dealers to FCA Dealers in India, in a bid to sell Fiat, Jeep and Abarth cars under one roof.

In a statement, FCA Asia-Pacific Chief Financial Officer, Cesar Michelutti, described Mr Flynn as “a strong leader, motivated by Dealer relationships and consumer insights”.

“With his extensive international automotive industry experience and broad skillset, Kevin will bring a new perspective to the Australian market,” Mr Michelutti said.

Mr Flynn introduced the Jeep brand in India, beginning by launching the Grand Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee SRT and the Wrangler.

“It’s an absolute privilege to be leading FCA Australia.”, said Mr. Flynn. Under his leadership, FCA began manufacturing the Jeep Compass in India. The automaker’s India operations is now solely responsible for manufacturing the Compass for the Indian market and exports to all right-hand-drive markets around the world.

“What I’ve learnt in my first week is that we have a loyal and passionate network in this market. We have some of the most iconic brands, and I’ll be working closely with dealers to build and deliver a strong commercial plan ensuring success for our collective businesses.”


  1. Philip.

    Kevin. You are going to have a hard job to stop the rot. Even today Friday 3rd Jan 2020 your JEEP customer service manager after telling me that she would phone me back has failed to do so. I now find myself in the position of having to hold FCA Jeep accountable using Queensland’s Lemon laws introduced in 1 September 2019. You people are like dumb dogs your sales have fallen out the bottom. You have had two Jeeps publicly destroyed on public TV and yet you still carry on as if nothing is wrong.

  2. Wally Davies

    Kevin – I totally agree with the previous comment (Phillip) – Jeep is going backwards in their customer service. I had a battery on my Jeep Grand Cherokee (two years old) fail on a Sunday so I called roadside assistance as I needed my car. They replaced the battery and said the old one had failed (not flat) actually failed. I paid for it and then went into Frizzelles Jeep on the Gold Coast on Monday to ask about warranty period for batteries. They told me nothing to do with them – contact head office. I contacted head office and they said contact the dealer. I went back to the dealer and they said nothing to do with us contact head office – re-called head office and they said nothing to do with us contact the dealer. Whilst I was in the dealership I asked about the price on a new Jeep Grand Cherokee as I turn my cars over every two years. Salesman couldn’t give a hoot about my enquiry. I asked him about the fuel consumption on the V8 and his comment to me was ‘if you have to ask about fuel useage you can’t afford a V8. I mentioned to him that for the last 35 years I have turned my cars over every two years (two Grand Cherokees) and I always pay cash. With that he just shrugged and said his computer was playing up and he couldn’t access it so he couldn’t help me. Frizzelles dealership is absolutely hopeless and now I have the same opinion of your head office customer service. As I am about to embark on a new car I’m off to Toyota – Jeep has lost me as a customer.

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