National representation

  • AADA only represents franchised new car dealers in all the States and Territories of Australia. AADA, unlike State and Territory motor trades organisations, does not represent allied industries and therefore AADA removes the prception of either a conflict of interest or arguments as to the allocation of funds away from new car dealers
  • The AADA board comprises either owners or senior representatives of both major and small new car dealers across Australia
  • AADA is governed and administered by new car dealers for new car dealers Dealer Councils
  • AADA has established a close working relationship with all Dealer Councils
  • AADA provides the forum for Dealer Councils to raise issues impacting all new car dealers with manufacturers
  • AADA can address and seek to resolve issues referred to AADA by Dealer Councils Policy
  • AADA will secure the services of experienced policy personnel to identify and address policy issues on behalf of only new car dealers
  • AADA will appoint working groups to develop policy, examine dealer operational and other emerging issues
  • AADA is regularly communicating with Federal, State and Local politicians in Australia on current and future issues that will negatively impact the livelihood and profitability of new car dealers, our employees and other stakeholders
  • AADA has established relationships with National Franchised Dealers Association ‘NFDA’ (UK) and National Automotive Dealers Association ‘NADA’ (USA) to pursue matters of mutual interest to new car dealers in our respective countries
  • AADA policy initiatives and work are summarised on the AADA website
  • AADA policy work is detailed in the AADA Magazine – Automobile Dealer
  • AADA policy work is detailed in Dealer Bulletins


  • AADA advocates for the interests of employers who are franchised new car dealers in the retail trade in Australia
  • AADA will improve the community and media understanding of the role that licenced new car motor dealers play in the community in terms of economic and societal benefits
  • With a larger membership base AADA will have greater influence in respect to current and proposed legislation at both a State and Federal level Stakeholder relationships
  • AADA has established a close working relationship with FCAI aimed at working with FCAI on matters of mutual benefit for Australian new car dealers
  • AADA will liaise with manufacturers, financiers and other service providers on behalf of members

International best practice

  • AADA has entered into arrangements for the delivery of NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association – USA) University training courses throughout Australia

Streamlined administration and commercial activities

  • AADA operates in a manner that the majority of revenues are directed at meeting member needs
  • AADA Directors receive no remuneration for their services
  • Board Committees have been established to focus on specific issues impacting new car dealers
  • AADA will establish relationships with third parties in commercial relationships aimed at providing a source of revenue to AADA thereby minimising member subscription costs
  • AADA is working with a third party to improve the knowledge and response time to market fluctuations for all new car dealers

Dealer involvement and transparency

  • AADA welcomes comments and contributions from all Australian new car dealers
  • Minutes of AADA meetings are available for review on the website
  • The AADA Board Charter is available for review on the website
  • The National AADA Convention provides a forum for new car dealers to network with other dealers and services providers
  • AADA will conduct, promote and encourage, conventions, seminars, educational programs, training and other meetings for the purpose of improving the knowledge and understanding of franchised motor vehicle dealers and their employees
  • AADA will provide regular updates to members on motor industry news, legislative and regulatory changes, government enquiries and reviews and market data. This includes the complimentary bi-monthly AADA Magazine – Automobile Dealer and Dealer Bulletins
  • AADA members will receive a complimentary copy of the AADA Dealer Attitude Survey
  • A dedicated website

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